SOFA - Suppliers of Furniture and Appliances

New & Graded Appliances

We offer a range of low cost appliances in colours and sizes that suit your home and your pocket!

Brand new, pristine and 'graded products' are available to try and ensure customers with every sized budget can be helped.

What do we mean by 'graded'? These are also sometimes referred to as 'seconds' or 'shop soiled' – still brand new but have suffered cosmetic damage somewhere in transit. All brand new goods come with guarantees, so please call us or pop in to find out what deals we can do for you. visit our showroom

Don't forget, we are always desperate for pre-loved appliances, so, if you happen to have any spare – please let us know.

SOFA is a member of the Furniture Re-Use Network - a national organisation which supports, assisits, and develops charitable re-use organisations across the UK. For more information on their work and on furniture re-use in general please visit