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#NationalLottery funding

Thanks to #NationalLottery players for making our project possible. We're making a huge difference to the lives of Thousands of people thanks to #NationalLottery funding.

£134,000 National Lottery funding granted to Loughborough based charity Sofa

Sofa, a local charity based on Clarence Street, Loughborough has received a Covid Recovery grant of £134,000 over the next three years from RC Midlands Region National Lottery funding. The money is to support the charity in its day to day work and to seek new ways of delivering services efficiently and effectively. Covid and the subsequent turmoil has had a significant impact on the finances of the charity which is totally dependent on the income from the sale to the public of donated household goods suitable for reuse. Every item reused has a significant impact reduction on the environment as reuse is by far the most efficient use of our natural resources, being much more effective than even recycling.

Sofa is a key part of reuse opportunities in the North Charnwood District. The charity not only has a significant impact on the improvement of the environment it also offers competitive pricing for everyone seeking succession items. Sofa also offers special discounts to families and individuals in need who have been referred to them. The charity has volunteering opportunities both for those seeking experience or self-confidence to return to employment or purely supporting the work of the charity.

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Due to the pandemic we have set up an online shop and add new products every week. As we are closed to the public during these unprecedented times, we offer a click and collect service and possibly a courier service for smaller items. We have learned with our previous lockdown that customer had the need to replace an essential item i.e. your fridge broke or your cooker, maybe you need to replace your washing machine. Now we are prepared to serve you and help our community! If you have any query please call our dedicated online store support on 07565690667.

Don't Muck Around Awards 2014

SOFA is a member of the Furniture Re-Use Network - a national organisation which supports, assisits, and develops charitable re-use organisations across the UK. For more information on their work and on furniture re-use in general please visit